About the Artist

Michael Ezra

Time flies fast and no one can stop it. This is the reason I do fine art portraiture for commission. I’d like your portrait to transcend through time… to make it such a portrait that it would be true, elegant and beautiful in its essence, whenever it is looked at, regardless of fashions, trends and times.

Photography allows me to create images that reflect the world as I see it and feel it. I enjoy exploring dualities, the opposing qualities inherent to everything in nature. It is then when all of them are present, I get a sense of completeness and harmony that I strive to pursue in my work.

I love portraying beauty. It is in everyone, in every human being. We all are moving through time, fast, so let’s celebrate this timeless moment of you today.

Michael Ezra is a renowned photographer and artist and one of the influential masters of contemporary photography. Ezra’s work with a human form, provocative and unconventional, inspired a wide following; it is the thoughtful, clean and precise manner of execution of each piece that became a special hallmark of the artist. Equally found in his sculptural and landscape works, it renders a unique sense of transparency and completeness to each of the master’s pieces.

Originally a painter with a love for surrealistic painting, Michael turned to fine art photography in 2000 being inspired by Michelangelo’s sculptures. With that vision in mind he developed his concept of black-and-white studio sculptural nudes and went on creating a wide body of original sculptural works in this easily recognizable style. In 2004, he extended his portfolio to include fine art landscape photography.

Since his childhood Michael was fascinated with the intricacies of the human soul. Over the years he became consumed by the sincere sentiment for the fragility of beauty in this world. Moved by the ever transforming pace of time he devoted himself to portraying all beauty, from its depths within the human character to the aesthetics of the colors, forms, shapes and lines that make us all beautiful.

Timeless Me Photography project is dedicated to commission work performed by the artist. Its purpose is to create timeless heirlooms of precious moments of your beauty with a full arsenal of Michael’s creativity.

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