I felt comfortable right away… The end result was an amazing collection of photos.

Impressed with the classy and timeless black and white nude photos I found on Michael’s website, I was pleased to get an appointment. I was vainly looking to have tasteful nudies done before gravity, age and surgical scars took hold. I arrived to a warm room on a cold day. Michael was very clearly a professional, handed me a robe and we discussed what I had in mind. I felt comfortable right away and was able to have fun with the photo session. I remember trying not to laugh – which was the most difficult part. I was given good direction as well as time to do what I wanted. The end result was an amazing collection of photos. The quality of the prints were great, the lighting was perfect, the images accomplished what I was looking for and Michael removed a tattoo for me without pain or a scar! Today, nearly 7 years later, I couldn’t be happier with the photos. Especially since I don’t look nearly as good today. Thank you again Michael!